Anthesis Editorial

Anthesis: noun

"The flowering period of a plant, from the opening of the flower bud to full bloom"

This editorial was a very personal labor of love. 

I had the idea of an "evolving" styled shoot for a while but fine tuning it in my brain to come together and make sense was harder than I thought. It finally happened and the moment it clicked I couldn't stop thinking about it and then began the process of putting all of the elements and pieces together for it. It took two months. I am so excited and grateful for the amazing and talented people who helped work on this or contributed in any way.

 It was actually pretty emotional for me when it was finished. 

This shoot was inspired by a very difficult 2017 for me on a personal note. Being in a really great place now currently in life I was inspired to turn my past pain into beauty. When you come out of things and eventually overcome or "bloom" from them, it's only then you realize you weren't buried but you were planted. 

With that being said this shoot is simply about coming out of the darkness into the light just like a flower bud does when it is coming into bloom. I took my love of bridal and fashion photography and melded all of these elements together into...  Anthesis. 

THANK YOU so much to everyone who worked on this with me. You are all so amazing and talented and I will forever be grateful we all worked together on this.

Location: Ellie's Garden

Stylist: Argie Mitra

Model: Gabrielle Christenson

Hair: Casey Powell 

Makeup: Payton Law

Bouquet: The Anti Bride

Dresses: Kelly Faetanini from One Fine Day Bridal

Gold Bolero: K.Hendrix

Zip Tie Hair Piece: Made by Casey Powell

Calligraphy on Glass Sign: Chantell Rae

Special thanks to Olivia Duke for behind the scenes pictures, support and bringing guacamole and queso ;)