James + Jen

For about three weeks from the first time James and I spoke on the phone we planned his perfect proposal to his girlfriend Jen. I could hear just how excited he was for this through our conversations and specific planning. From the timing, pin dropping the exact location and me helping out with a cover story of a "walk on the beach" before dinner so she would know to dress up a little (since lets be real, pictures were involved and she would want to look cute for pictures she didn't know about)

When the day came....it poured. Like torrential downpour most of the afternoon. Because we live in Florida (the non-sunshine state haha) It rained and rained... up until 20 minutes before 6:30 when we had made the plan for me to be in place and them to show up. As I drove their watching the skies, I swear I was saying under my breath "Nope, this rain will stop...this is happening". Not today Florida! Needless to say the skies cleared and we had some perfect overcast light in Big Talbot Island and I was SO excited for this to finally happen for them just as James had originally planned.

The moment came and I was already in place as they walked up. Nobody else was on the beach but us three. Jen just thought I was a random stranger taking pictures on the beach and James was perfect as he walked by me, said "hello" like you would greet any stranger you may see passing by and then a few short seconds later dropped to one knee in front of Jen. First she was like "What are you doing!?" then some tears and many smiles followed by a "YES!". Then she asked "So does this mean no dinner?" ;)

We followed their exciting news with a full shoot and I have to say...these two are absolutely precious. For never having met either of them before this moment and them both officially meeting me on one of the most exciting days for them, we all bonded quickly. I LOVED their energy, the love they have for one another and how they were down for anything to get the perfect shot. They were so much fun and so beyond excited to take pictures together and just be together in that moment. They were also so natural and truthfully I barely had to pose them because they just fell into each other with ease.

I so loved being a part of this day with James and Jen and I am so excited for them as they start their wedding planning and this new adventure in life together!