Kaleighna + Andrew Homecoming

Being a part of this day for Kaleighna and Andrew was truly so special for me I honestly don’t have words.

It was a 4:30am wake up call for me and I was so excited to document the moment that Andrew returned home to Kaleighna after 7 months apart on his deployment. I have so much respect for military members and what they have to go through on deployments. I know so many people who have or are currently going through it and I honestly’ don’t know how they do. It takes a special kind of strong person and marriage to get through these periods of time and it amazes me.

Seeing all of the other people reunite with their loved ones that day before Kaleighna even got to see Andrew get off the ship was surreal. It’s a day I wont forget being a part of.

So much thanks to Andrew for his service and welcome home to your beautiful wifey and the sweet US of A!